Lotus Elise S2

Many compare the Lotus Elise to the vehicles which have molded many a racing career, the humble go-kart, built upon Colin Champans design principles of low weight and outside the box thinking.  All of this combined is what makes this vehicle so fantastic leaving it with a special place in our hearts.

There’s something about it’s raw driving style that unleashes blood pumping adrenalin, cornering is its party piece one run and you’re hooked, fast in, fast out, shake it all about.  Our Elise is one step up from the standard S2, whilst is retains all the light weight and mid-engined qualities it came with an FIA Approved roll cage, uprated suspension and fine tuned engine, see the car race ready.

  • Max Speed of 131MPH
  • 135BHP
  • Weighing 740kg
  • 0-60 in 4.9 Seconds
  • 60lt Endurance Fuel Tank
  • Suitable for the Following Classes:
    • 750 Motor Club – Club Enduro Class C.
    • 750 Motor Club – Roadsport Class D.
    • MSVT – Track Day Trophy.
    • MSVT – Track Day Championship.
  • Suitable for Track Days.

Our Lotus Elise is available to hire for Track Days, Race Days and Driver Training, find out more from our Services Page.