Mazda MX-5 – MK1

The Mazda MX-5 MK 1 is the original iteration of the MX-5, launched in the UK over 27 years ago. Since then it has become famed for it’s light and responsive handling, making it a firm Sunday drive favourite, thankfully this was recognised and it quickly transferred to a popular Track and Race Series vehicle. It’s plucky, indestructible nature made this transfer a breeze.

Our MK1 is far removed from the favourite Sunday driver, with an FIA Roll Cage, uprated suspension, race brakes and a blueprinted engine it easily embarrasses vehicles with great horse power, thanks to it’s light handling, superior grip and adrenaline pumping cornering speeds.

  • Max Speed of 115MPH
  • 105BHP
  • Weighing 870kg
  • Suitable for the Following Classes:
    • BRSCC – Mazda MX-5 Championship.
    • 5 Club Racing.
    • BARC – MaX5 Racing Championship.
    • 750 Motor Club – Roadsport Class D.
    • MSVT – Track Day Trophy Class D.
    • MSVT – Track Day Championship.
  • Suitable for Track Days.

Our Mazda MX-5 MK1 is available to hire for Track Days, Race Days and Driver Training, find out more from our Services Page.