Tucker Motorsport Confirmed 2019 BRSCC Mazda Drivers

For any of you who follow us on Facebook you’ll know we’ve spent the last few weeks revealing our confirmed 2019 drivers. We understand that over the weeks and hopping between championships it can get a little confusing, this blog is going to rectify that! Read on for more details on this year’s Tucker Motorsport confirmed drivers for the BRSCC Mazda MX-5 Championship and Super Series.

Starting with the BRSCC Mazda MX-5 Super Series, it’s hard to believe that the Super Series formula was only conceived last year. Offering the perfect step up for those fancying a change from the Mark One MX-5 Championship, or a great introduction for those new to motorsport. Despite the series being in its infancy the brilliant camaraderie and welcoming paddock the Mark One Championship is famed for is emulated for this series.

Our representation in this series has grown, we’ll start the first round with three Tucker Motorsport drivers on the grid, so let’s get to know them a little better!


It’s safe to say we are very excited to be welcoming Liz Walton back to her seat in our Mazda MX-5 Mark Three hire car, racing number 19. Last year was Liz’s first foray into racing, and what a cracking start it was, cumulating in being awarded Rookie of the Year at the championship awards. We’ve been busy throughout the year with car developments (Keep your eyes out for the odd flamingo) and coaching so we start the 2019 championship feeling ready to race. Who knows what Liz could go on to achieve in the series this year, we for one are excited to see.

We welcome a new face to our team for the Super Series this year, Cam Thompson. Cam joins us having a varied racing background, most recently competing in the VW Racing Cup. We’re excited to see how Cam performs across the series, and to welcoming him to the Tucker Motorsport family.

Our third driver in the Super Series sees a former Mark One Championship driver step up to try to make an impact (Hopefully not literal) with the Mark Threes. Clive Powles has spent the last six years honing his racing craft in the MX-5 Championship, with some fantastic results and equally fantastic tales from those years it will interesting to see Clive’s skills transferred to the formula. Following a winter of heavy car preparation and testing it’ll be great to see how Clive gets on in the Super Series.

With that we move onto our confirmed drivers for the BRSCC Mazda MX-5 Championship. The MX-5 Championship is always a great show of motorsport. The 2018 series saw more than 90 registered drivers, which guaranteed intense door-to-door racing throughout the season. We truly feel you’ll struggle to find a better supported championship for single make sports car racing on a budget.


So who can you expect to see representing Tucker Motorsport on the grid this year? Well firstly we have Jack Brewer, any keen Championship followers will recall Jack from part of the last two seasons. The number 93 driver was first introduced to the championship through the hire of one of our race prepared Mark One cars. It would be safe to say he liked what he saw, going on to purchase the car he had hired, having now completed his Motorsport Engineering degree we’re excited to see what this plucky young driver can achieve in a full season on the grid.

Another returning driver and definitely one to watch this season, Tucker Motorsport welcome back Marcus Bailey to the team. It’ll be the second season Marcus has spent with Tucker Motorsport, and with a new paint job completed over the winter we can’t wait to see if it brings him more of the great results, he achieved in 2018.

The final driver in the line up for the Mark One Championship is a brand new face to Tucker Motorsport and the BRSCC Mazda Pits, Joe ‘Bosh’ Wiggin. Joe has had a varied and successful experience in motorsport, competing in the BRSCC Compact Cup and being the main driver in the MacAttack Racing’s C1 Spa 24Hr Race winning car. With such fantastic results in previous endeavours Joe is sure to be one to watch throughout the series!

So there you have it, our currently confirmed 2019 BRSCC Mazda drivers, we’re sure there will be a few surprises along the way and we’ll be sure to keep you updated. With both the Championship and Super Series falling on the same weekend the support team are certainly going to be busy! Now the countdown to the first round at Brands Hatch can begin!

James Tucker

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