Autosport International 2019 – Review

Last week saw the annual pilgrimage for motorsport traders, fanatics and followers to the NEC for Autosport International. With each passing year the show becomes less of a show where I could while away the hours perusing the latest products, concepts, cars and ideas. Whilst that of course still happens, it is a big catch up with old friends and potential new clients.

This year’s show had a fresh new look, having moved from the event halls that the show has run from for umpteen years. The move was definitely a good thing walking round you felt engaged with all the stands, rather than the feeling of the same old wallpaper, everything had a fresh feel. There also seemed to be a reduction on generic filler stands, does anyone really go to Autosport to purchase an iPhone charger? Hopefully the organisers will continue to change the layout and prevent the show from going stale again.

One stand that really caught my eye this year was BG Racing, the range of trackside vehicle set up equipment they had was interesting. My favourite product had to be one of their vehicle geometry parts, which bolted directly onto the hub giving precise and easy measurements whilst allowing better access to adjust the suspension. Definitely one for the wish list!


As is to be expected from Autosport there was an array of vehicles to suit all motorsport tastes. From the stunning and rare classics, the Porsche 356 caught our eye in particular, to the super advanced technology of the LeMans Prototype Ligier with its carbon fibre and aerodynamic optimisation. Autosport still seems to know what is at the core of the show.

Formula E is considered by many to be the future of motorsport and I spent a lot of time around their stand at the show. I really like the look of the car, to me its like a version of the Star Wars Pod racers, if only the were as quick! I feel like the technology hasn’t caught up with the looks and I think that’s in part why they have chosen not to run the series on ‘proper’ race tracks as yet. One other thing I couldn’t get over was seeing what is at its essence a single seater hampered by running on road tyres, lets see what the cars can do when let loose on slicks.


In all Autosport this year seemed brilliant. I spent much of the show with members of the Tucker Motorsport team and had a chance to catch up with the team, colleagues, friends and potential clients. This years show was a breath of fresh air and injected some life into what had recently seemed to be a dying show, long may it continue!

James Tucker

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