A Busy Couple Of Weeks

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the Tucker Motorsport Team as we approach the last meeting of this year’s calendar.

With the final round being held at Donnington Park we have been carrying out a lot of driver coaching, with competitors hoping to get the edge for the perfect result. An errant track day driver saw our first coaching session with Tucker Motorsport Team mate Liz Walton cut dramatically short and resulted in a busy couple of weeks for Dean working on a full rebuild of the Mark 3 Mazda.


Some serious hours saw our Mark 3 back and fighting fit for our second coaching track day last week, complete with a fresh paint job, with the full livery to be completed ahead of the next season. Thankfully this second track day saw us get a full day of coaching with Liz, ahead of the final meeting this weekend.


We’ve been back and forth to Donnington a lot in the last two weeks with multiple drivers from the MX-5 Championship looking to improve on their race craft at this formidable circuit. Our one to one driver coaching helped one driver improve his confidence in wet conditions. With a day of coaching on a drizzly grey October day this was something we were able to home in on and improve. While we don’t want to wish for a washout, we hope this new-found confidence continues into the racing weekend bringing them the best result possible.

Last week also saw us taking one of the Tucker Motorsport vehicles to assist in the evaluation of a different tyre proposed for use in next year’s season. The testing was carried out at Bedford Autodrome, with me as the driver. The tyre put forward definitely offered a different driving experience to that of the current choice. By using our vehicle handling experience and product specific knowledge we were able to provide valuable feedback on the proposed tyres, which we hope will influence decisions ahead of next years championship.

With so much going on since last months meeting it would be easy to skim over our appearance at the Time Attack series at Rockingham. Always on the look out for new motorsport series we love the variety and the set up that Time Attack offers. Taking one of the Tucker Motorsport Mark 1’s, with me behind the wheel, we had our work cut out, we finished the first timed session first in class, despite the vehicle in second boasting almost 200bhp more than the Mazda! Whilst we fought hard in the next two rounds we finished second in class, to the aforementioned driver, who whilst parked next to us in the pits we gave some tips on the best wet line to (Doh! It’s hard to stop the day job sometimes!). Regardless it was a good result for Tucker Motorsport, particularly considering the power differentials, and was a great introduction into this class.


Now there’s just time for the last few bits of vehicle prep ahead of this weekends final round.

James Tucker

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