Our 2019 Team Highlights

It’s hard to believe we’re just a few short, festive food filled weeks away from the end of the year. Traditionally this is the time for reflection and looking ahead to the new opportunities that a shiny fresh year can bring. The 2019 season flew by, with so many memorable moments across the rounds for the Tucker Motorsport team, it’s only right that we take the time to reflect on our 2019 season highlights and remind you all of some of those fantastic memories along the way. So, without further ado here’s our top ten highlights from 2019.

The Mark 3 Learning Curve.

Twenty nineteen saw a move for one of Tucker Motorsports longest running drivers, as Clive Powles made the move from the BRSCC Mazda MX-5 Championship to the Mark Three Superseries. Whilst as a team we’d entered the Superseries from 2018 with Driver Liz Walton, the move was a steep learning curve for Clive who’d been so well established in the Championship format. Clive’s hard work payed off in the fourth round of the series, at an unseasonably sunny Anglesey, where he achieved his first podium of the season. Clive continued to improve throughout the year as he got to grips with the MK-3, his hard work was recognised as his efforts scooped the him first place in the Masters Superseries.

A Karting Masterclass.

We’re going to take a moment to paint the scene, it was a wet and cold November day in South Leicestershire. With a month’s worth of rain forecast to fall within a few short hours. The perfect day for a team celebration of course? The key players from the Tucker Motorsport team gathered for a fun filled afternoon of wheel to wheel go karting action with a side of tea and biscuits. Across four heats cumulating in a fiery final the team battled it out. Crossing the line as the undisputed winner was James Tucker, Team Manager, as if it were ever in doubt!

It was a great end to the season with the team and great thanks go to Liz Walton and her team at Bruntingthorpe who made it all possible.

Tripling a Double.

The addition of Joe Wiggin alongside Jack Brewer in the MX-5 Championship brought an interesting dynamic to the team, and series. The friendly rivalry within in the team pushed them both to continue to improve their performance. This came to a head at round five at Snetterton where both Joe and Jack crossed the line with podium finishes. The Tucker Motorsport podium double continued with the duo taking to the steps together a further two times, with Joe winning all three races at the round and Jack taking third in the first race followed by a double second in the remaining two races of the weekend.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Over our years of running in the BRSCC Mazda series we’ve worked hard to build a strong team with the correct work ethic. We like to think we’ve built a team that cares for one another and wants to see all those in the team succeed. Everyone who dons a Tucker Motorsport polo shirt is passionate about the art of motorsport and relish in knowing how much their hard work and effort makes a difference. It was fantastic to see this displayed perfectly at round five of the MX-5 Championship at Snetterton. Nick DeLoyen needed a time sensitive clutch change between races, all of the Tucker Motorsport Mechanics jumped to their tools and worked together seamlessly to overcome what could have been a weekend ending mechanical issue. We’re so proud to be able to call a group of such hard working and passionate mechanics part of the team.

Graceful Guest Appearance.

Over in the MX-5 Superseries and Liz Walton had a fantastic and consistent year. Her second year in the championship and it was clear to see her comfort with the car and the championship as she continued to push with each round seeing her steadily move up the grid, particularly with her famous lightening starts. No where was the progression clearer than the seventh round at Donington Park where she made a guest appearance in the Supercup series, as they joined calendars with the Supercup. Liz showed a gritted determination and fought it out to remain with the ultra-competitive Supercup pack. It’s fantastic to see the improvement over the last two years on track.

Team Recognition.

As if the mounting metal work from consistent podiums weren’t enough the fifth round at Snetterton saw the team win an award of a different kind. Tucker Motorsport was announced Star of the Weekend, with another trophy for the cabinet. We know the Tucker Motorsport family is the best having it recognised by the wider grid is a bonus!

Part of the Podium Furniture.

As a new addition to the Tucker Motorsport team in 2019 we were all excited to welcome Joe Wiggin and to see how he would take to the MX-5 Championship. It’s safe to say he found his feet quickly, and his inclusion on the podium became as regular as clockwork. Across the eight rounds Joe put in some impressive figures, with ten podiums and eight wins. He had an impressive win streak, winning all three races at round eight at Donington, and all three races at round five at Snetterton from which he carried his winning formula over to the first race of round six at Oulton Park.

Final Hoorah.

Marcus Bailey fought hard throughout all eight rounds of the MX-5 Championship, putting in an incredible performance which was recognised as he was awarded third place in the Master series. But the ultimate highlight has to be in the final round at Silverstone, where he was able to make the ultimate move on the driver who’d been his main nemesis throughout the season. A superb high note to end on!

Saturday Night Dinner.

It took up until the final round at Silverstone, along with a lot of coaching and encouragement, but the team final managed to get their heads around looking at a menu and making an order within a reasonable time frame rather than dissecting the days racing before considering even a drinks order! A success for hungry team bellies throughout the team.

Practice makes Perfect.

Whilst there has been a number of highlights for each member of the team, from fantastic results to consistent performance. The ultimate highlight has to be seeing the improvements the whole team have made throughout the year. It pays homage to the hard work the whole team puts in from pre-season coaching, to dedicated car preparation, race data analysis and pure race craft it’s great to see the effort the team makes paying into improved individual and team performance, here’s looking forward to a fantastic 2020 season.

James Tucker


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